THIS YEAR’S FIRST INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT 45 Passengers Arrived in Dubrovnik from Frankfurt

The Croatian national airline Croatia Airlines began directly connecting Dubrovnik with international destinations starting with today’s flight on the route OU419 Frankfurt-Dubrovnik. On this year’s first Croatia Airlines international flight, 45 passengers arrived in Dubrovnik and received a prize voucher with a discount for the purchase of a plane ticket for the next trip with Croatia Airlines. After the Airbus 319 had landed at the Dubrovnik airport, the passengers were welcomed by representatives of the national airline, Dubrovnik Airport, and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

“We are very glad that today we finally started directly connecting Dubrovnik with international destinations for this season. This summer we will fly to 18 international destinations, and in cooperation with tour operators we will offer over 200 direct charter flights,” said the director of commercial affairs of Croatia Airlines Slaven Zabo.

“The regular line Frankfurt-Dubrovnik-Frankfurt is convincingly the most important foreign line for our area, according to previous many years of experience we have at our airport. Awaiting the end of this pandemic, we are very pleased that Croatia Airlines has resumed operations on this route,” said Frano Luetic, the director of Dubrovnik Airport.

“The connection with emitting markets is of great importance. Given the improvement of the epidemiological situation and the accelerated vaccination process, Dubrovnik is ready and looking forward to a successful tourist season,” the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, pointed out.

Croatia Airlines plans to directly connect Dubrovnik with six European destinations during the summer season, where passengers will be offered the possibility of tied flights to destinations around the world. In addition to flights on the route Dubrovnik – Frankfurt, it is planned to successively introduce direct international flights in June from Dubrovnik to Athens, Munich, Paris, Rome and Zurich.

Photo/Video: Zvonimir Pandža