‘Welcome to Dubrovnik’ Magazine: Guardian and Promoter of the Heritage and the City

Presentation of the magazine Welcome to Dubrovnik no. 29 for 2017, organized by Dubrovnik Tourist Board, was held today in the Friars Minor Monastery.

This location is chosen following the fact that this year we mark the 700 years of the pharmacy inside the Monastery, but also because the first replica of the famous painting of Dubrovnik before the Great Earthquake which completely destroyed the city in 166 is in this building.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board director Romana Vlašić and the magazine’s chief editor Jelka Tepšić presented the magazine, again fulfilled with great stories, history facts, events and everything connected to Dubrovnik itself.

Presentation ended with the traditional treats dating from Dubrovnik Republic, such as cinnamon rolls, Marzipan cake, pasta frola with almonds, ‘prijesnac’, made by Jadranka Ničetić, author of the book ‘Dubrovnik chimneys’ about the culinary history of our area.

‘St. Blaise anthem’ and a short musical programme at the beginning of the presentation was performed by a vocal group Klapa Ragusavecchia.

With the 29th edition of the magazine ‘Welcome Dubrovnik’ Tourist Board prepared an additional print edition of the last year’s ‘Welcome’, dedicated to St. Blaise and Festa.

Welcome to Dubrovnik magazine is distributed throughout the whole year at the trade shows and presentations of Dubrovnik Tourist Board, as well at the tourism fairs, and it is included in packages for international journalists and participants of the congresses in Dubrovnik.