Dubrovnik’s Record Year

Now that 2012 has officially come to an end and all the relevant figures have been added up, Dubrovnik Tourist Board has confirmed that 2012 was a record breaking year for tourism in the City of Dubrovnik.

According to statistics  in the period Januray 1st- December 31st there were 697, 620 arrivals to the City and 47, 933 domestic tourists which makes for a 10% increase on last year. During 2012 there were 2,636,596 overnight stays, a 12% increase on 2011.

Of the total number of tourists in 2012, 527,062 stayed in one of the 45 Dubrovnik hotels, a 9% rise on last year’s figures which also accounted for a 10% increase in total overnight hotel stays.  Some 90,949 guests stayed in private accommodation accounting for 423,352 overnight stays, a massive 33% increase on 2011.

The most frequent visitors were those from the United Kingdom (39% increase on 2011), France (7% increase) and Germany (17% increase). The rise in the number of visitors from Sweden was most significant at a huge 48%. According to age group the most frequent visitors were those aged between 41 and 60 which amounted to nearly a quarter of a million guests (a 10% increase on last year).

Last but  not least 648 boats sailed in to Dubrovnik on cruises bringing with them 1,039,395 passengers.
Congratulations to all those who helped make 2012 a graet year for Dubrovnik!